Pastor Chris to Host 2017 Higher Life UK Conference

Nigerian Pastor, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (“Pastor Chris”), is president and founder of Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated (“Christ Embassy“), a biblically-based Christian ministry. Pastor Chris is one of the most influential preachers in Africa and beyond.

Pastor Chris’ ministry has grown rapidly throughout the United Kindom and North America. Pastor Chris has worldwide recognition for miraculously healing the blind, infertility, blood disease, mental illness, and physical afflictions. Pastor Chris is also responsible for the InnerCity Mission which provides housing, clothing, food, education, and medicine to inner city children worldwide.

Pastor Chris‘s global prayer network has worldwide reach and boasts millions in membership. Pastor Chris also authors a daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities. The devotional was translated into more than 900 languages. Pastor Chris even co-established LoveWorld US on Olympusat cable television with Pastor Benny Hinn.

LoveWorld USA, the first Christian television network in the United States,n focuses on spreading God’s word and healing power. Pastor Chris’ ministry has reached millions. This renowned faith healer and best-selling author will host the 2017 Higher Life UK Conference September 8th-10th, 2017 at the O2 Arena in London, England SE10 ODX.

The O2 Arena is a prestigious gathering place suitable for up to 20,000 people. Of all the indoor venues in the United Kingdom, the O2 Arena ranks second for seating capacity.

This 3-day event will take an in depth look at the higher life intended for children of God. The format is comparable to a church service. The event opens with prayer, followed by praise and worship before the speaker’s message. This event will be a beautiful combination of music and ministry to include: varying performances daily, healing and other miracles, performances by acclaimed gospel artists, interactive videos and true believers receiving the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Registration is open now and may be submitted here. The conference features one afternoon session each day for £1.50 each session. The cost to attend all 3 days is £4.50. The session times are:

  • Friday, September 8th: 6pm
  • Saturday, September 9th: 4pm
  • Sunday, September 10th: 1pm

The event will feature the teachings of not only Pastor Chris but other great men of God, including, another Believers’ LoveWorld Pastor of high esteem. The sessions are expected to showcase: miracles, healing, anointing, preaching, worship, ministry concerning meditation and speaking in tongues, a lesson on walking in love, teachings of Jesus and what Jesus’ sacrifice means to the believer, as well as anointed biblical interpretations.

Every session concludes with power and revelation through worship, and the ushering in of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Chris is a renowned healer, having uplifted, inspired, and healed others through the power of the Holy Spirit. The 2017 Higher Life UK Conference will be filled with miracles and the awesome power of God. It definitely shouldn’t be missed!

Edwin Tillyer had a chronic ankle injury he received from a 1973 accident. He testified that he was healed at the 2011 Higher Life UK Conference. Tillyer said Pastor Chris taught that they were the glory of God and that God promotes people who aren’t looking for it.

Another 2011 Higher Life UK Conference attendee, Farai Ndhlovu, said the conference is a once in the life time opportunity. Ndhlovu said the conference was different from any other program with Pastor Chris and had prophetic visitation.

Six years have passed since the last Higher Life UK Conference. 2017 is a year of flourishing and Pastor Chris has been called to host another miraculous and inspiring conference. You can register for the conference here. For further information dial: +441708556604.