FOREX, the future of investing


F1 Pro exists to help newly minted young investors successful. F1Pro is one of the financial leaders in the market and continues to be successful week after week. Clients have joined F1Pro and managed to build large portfolios by just trading. F1 Pro is not just a Forex trading platform. F1Pro provides opportunities for serious investors and the sight is designed with a sleek layout and tons of data and tools that will guide you. through the process. Once you create a profile, the offer even more tools.

Once a user visit the site they must fill out some information, to get a better personalized experience within the site. The team at will guide any new user with each trade they make. When you create an account all the data you receive is personalized to meet your needs on the market. All features have been designed to deliver their users in-depth insight into the best information available. F1Pro group has designed a moible investment platform to appeal to younger clients. This allows anyone to take their mobile devices anywhere and still make accurate trades.

Assets being traded at fit into six distinct categories. They are being traded every day online and in huge numbers. You will often see the popular indices, as well as stock options. However, you will see commodities and foreign currency being traded, which increases variables and will diversify any user’s account.

It’s always important to add funds to a newly established account as soon as possible. Some accounts require a minimum amount to be deposited. Some accounts even offer bonus deals and other promotions. has become a top-tier site for several reasons. Customers have praised the help desk which is available 24 hours a day, for five days a week. The support team can help you with anything you might encounter. They are also praised for the number of investment tools available online.

There are several forex brokers recommended for new investors. These brokers come with excellent customer service and plenty of educational tools and resources for new traders. Most have practice accounts, so you can practice your investing, without have to lose any real money over a trade. is one broker firm that offers a practice account of $50,000 dollars and only requires a minimum deposit of $250. Forex has been around since 1999 and offers plenty of video resources and live training. Trade King is another broker which offers a similar $50,000 practice account but does require a minimum deposit of $500 dollars. TradeKing has been operating since 2005 and offers a rich glossary on their site that explains technical information and fundamental information.

TradeStation Group offers a practice account ranging from $25,000- $200,000. They require a $2,000 minimum deposit but offers plenty of learning material, that allow you to work at your own pace. The interest in Forex investing has become mainstream and many people are beginning to get involved with investing. Forex continues to be risky but people can be successful.