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If you have accumulated a lot of cool music and you would like (s) to put everything into an integral musical statement – record your own mix! We interviewed DJ friends and compiled a quick reference book on how to choose music, why not overdo it with effects and how to work with longplay drama. Send your masterpiece to the editorial mail, check it out.

  • Do not collect your mix from the tops of the charts – the collections of hits are no longer interesting to anyone. Choose music that you like, collect the necessary tracks in one folder, listen to them and go to the next stage.
  • 2 Consider the order in which your tracks will sound. You can build tracks in order of increasing BPM, create a mix of a series of peaks and dips, or even hold the whole track on one wave – it all depends on your imagination.
  • 3 Use tracks in good quality in the mix. This trifle nehily affects the final sound of your mix, so no MP3 files with a quality of 128 kb / s – only good quality WAV, FLAC and MP3 in 320 kb / s format.

Choose a program in which you will mix the mix. If you do not want to understand the intricacies of Ableton Live, try to prepare Virtual DJ, Traktor DJ and MixMeister, they are easy to learn and allow you to record a sensible mix without watching many hours of video tutorials. Make a visit to https://musiety.com/the-best-dj-speakers/ for the best results now.

Make a Decision

Decide on the concept of your mix. Work on the style of compilation, try to collect tracks, sustained in related genres – this will create the effect of integrity. And yes, do not mix tracks that are too different in tempo with each other – the result of their mixing will be too noticeable.

Reduce by tonality. If there is no harmony between the tracks, the sensible mix will not work – the songs simply will not be combined. However, it is easy to check your tracks for compatibility – you need to use the functions of the same MixMeister or “lock” the wheel of Camelot.

  • Do not pull the rubber and do not tighten with transitions. Let the track play for one and a half or two minutes and move on to the next track.
  • Do not catch fire to push as many compositions as possible into the mix – you get porridge, in which all the tracks will blend into a homogeneous substance. Yes, and no need to stretch the timing of the selection – no one will listen to the two-hour mix until the end.
  • Make your mix a contrast. Alternate vocal tracks with instrumental ones, do not skip the remixes, rewinds and remodels, place songs with unusual musical drawings – do not give the listener a reason for yawning.

Abuse of effects does not lead to anything good. Proper disposal of chorus, phaser, delay and flanger is permissible. However, an excessive enthusiasm for lotions can affect your mix with a sickly overload.