Vodafone Online Recharge: In a secure and safe manner


Anybody who has a smart phone or even a feature phone today with internet access can get his/her recharges and bill payments done instantly – in a flash of few seconds. The online method of recharges and bill payments is all about speed and the ease of doing the task. Deprived of complicated steps, Vodafone online recharge is one of the easiest jobs that can be done even by a teenager or an aged person with no scope of fault or error.

Along with the speed factor, the other likeable attribute of this process of Vodafone online recharge is that there is no dealing in cash anymore. Payments online are done using electronic and digital methods of payment. With no cash involved, the chances of theft, robbery or any such untoward activity is also reduced – that is what the general mindset is about. But no, the truth is far from this. You would be surprised to know that the total cybercrime revenue stands at USD 1.5 Trillion a year – this is as per the latest available statistics. Now this is alarming – not only because of the value of the crime and its rising trend but because the laws in most countries till date do not have effective ways and methods of tracking and catching cyber criminals.

Hence when using the internet for conducting any financial transaction, for example a Vodafone online recharge, remember to be cautious and adopt safe methods:-

  • Use your personal device only like your personal computer, laptop, mobile devices etc.
  • Use a secure network connection. Avoid free connectivity that is available at public places.
  • Never click a link to open up a site. It is hundred times better to open a browser and type in the website address.
  • In case you are required to carry out the task in a public area using unsecure network connectivity, use the App on your mobile phone rather than the browser.
  • Never auto-save passwords and login ids, either on the browser or in an App.
  • Download Apps from a reliable source. Read through details and check out the permissions before continuing with the download.
  • Password-protect your mobile devices. Finger print scanning and face scanning are some of the latest technologies being used for safely accessing one’s device.
  • If using a public computer terminal, always remember to clear the cache and history before leaving the terminal.
  • Look for the ‘https’ words and the lock symbol before you proceed with the Vodafone online recharge.
  • Always prefer using online platforms that have the OTP (One Time Password) facility enabled. Banking and financial institutions generally have this facility in order to ensure the authenticity of the account holder.
  • Choose passwords that are strong and unbreakable. Combinations of numbers, upper case and lower case alphabets along with special characters are supposed to be best ones.
  • Beware of emails and messages that ask for sensitive information like CVV, PIN, passwords, OTP, bank account numbers etc.