Phone Booth (2002)

Movie RatingsLOS ANGELES Netflix Inc is the latest media firm to combine with social networking website Facebook, whose large community of young, tech-savvy users might assist drive growth of the net DVD rental service’s subscriber base.

This score course of is fully optional; no filmmaker is required to submit her film for a CARA ranking. Most filmmakers do as a result of most movie theaters within the United States use the rankings system, and it’s harder to get them to show a film if it isn’t rated. Filmmakers who don’t submit their films to the Rating Board are free to release their film unrated or to use every other score system. They can not use any of the above scores, nonetheless, as they’re trademarked. CARA just isn’t associated with the U.S. government, and its film rankings haven’t any legal meaning.

Pradeep Kumar Ponnamma Divakaran, Adrian Palmer, Helle Alsted S√łndergaard and Roman …

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