‘Fifty Shades Darker’ A Darker Film, Says Author And Producer E.L. James

Movie TrailersThis checklist details the top ten elements of a very good film trailer. This is not at all the top ten elements of a good film – that would solely require two parts: lovely people and vampires. The film trailer stands alone as its personal work of art. It defines, in about two minutes or much less (particularly for TV spots), a narrative that has completely nothing to do with the film itself, however makes us consider that it does. It then goes on to hypnotize us through subliminal messages, imagery, and eardrum-shattering sound into by no means asking for our money back. Ever. Brilliant!

Before a film is launched to the public, its trailer is revealed; this serves as a kind of announcement of the new film and launches the official begin of the foremost publicity. From a advertising and marketing perspective film trailers are superior commercials for the …

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