Recommended Best Korean Horror Movies, Scary, and Thrilling

The film industry in Korea is not only famous for romantic films and dramas, but there are also Korean horror films that you can watch for horror film lovers. Not only will it scare you, but these films also have stories that are suitable to watch because they are very exciting. For those of you who are curious about what Korean horror films can be watched. Here are recommendations for Korean films that you must watch with the horror film genre.

Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming

The first film you can watch is a film with the title Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming. This film tells the story of Eun Hee’s life while working at a school that used to be her school.
Eun Hee is the vice principal of the school. Eun Hee meets Ha Young who becomes a victim of bullying but after that makes Ha Young a troublemaker. The spooky story begins when Ha Young goes to the bathroom and hears a ghost whispering similar to Eun Hee’s voice. Then Ha Young accuses Eun Hee of doing this, and then experiences visual disturbances and auditory hallucinations.

The Call

The next Korean horror film that must be watched is The Call. The film is released in 2021 and is a remake of the 2011 film. The film tells the story of two women who were separated for two decades but still manage to connect via an old phone. This film is played by Park Shin Hye who plays Seon Yeon. Seo Yeon accidentally finds an old phone at her childhood home. The phone rings like it’s working fine.

At that time, he keeps getting mysterious calls that lead him to scary stories. Curious about the full story? Don’t forget to watch The Call on the official movie streaming platform.

The Closet

The next scariest Korean horror film recommendation is The Closet. This film premiered in 2020 and has a pretty interesting storyline. The film tells the story of a person by the name of Sang Won who is a man who has just left his wife who died. So that his sadness doesn’t drag on, Sang Won and his daughter decide to move to a new house. Instead of feeling happy, Sang Won actually feels various oddities until finally Princess Sang Won mysteriously disappears and makes her have to call a shaman.


Haunted Asylum The recommendation for the best Korean horror film is a film with the title Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum which aired in 2018. This film is very popular because it is a very scary Korean horror film and the story is very interesting. Tells the story of the Gonjiam Mental Hospital which has been abandoned for a long time and is also famous for its awesomeness. Comes a young man who completely underwent a test of courage in this Gonjiam hospital and this is where the horror adventure begins.

Death Bell

The next Korean film is a film with the title Death Bell which is a legendary horror film in Korea. This film managed to attract so much attention because this film tells the story of a very gruesome massacre. Not only that, this film also tells about students who have to solve many mysteries that occur at their school. Death Bell is a film set in schools and dormitories which adds a spooky feel to this film. This film is very suitable to be watched by those of you who really like horror with a school background.