Ready Player One (2018)

This review’s format will look more like a narrative, because somehow I think this film Ready Player One has many other meanings under the hustle and bustle and bustle of battle and the digital world in this film ?

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OK, so at first I didn’t expect much from this film Review, because after all the titles and posters sounded like ordinary films that were more concerned with the CGI effect than the story and finally the story was standard even though the director Steven Spielberg. But fortunately this film exceeds expectations, even far from what was thought!

This film tells a teenager in the future, where virtual reality games have developed so rapidly that the in-game world is like the second world

I think the future is not going to be too far from now, because technology is developing rapidly right? Ok, so the story is about a teenager in the future who plays a virtual reality game called Oasis, where one of the game’s founders who died left three secret keys to find the easter egg he hid.

Fyi, easter egg is something that is hidden or tucked into a media (film / book / etc) that refers to films or other popular media, or other things that are confidential so that when someone finds the easter egg it will feel “oh this is from xxxx film “Or” this is the sentence from the xxxx character in the xxxx movie “

So there you have it, from the premise it looks like a normal story because I know several other series with the same theme about virtual world. But it turns out that not only the “game” or “easter egg” side that is scattered throughout this film is poured, there is also the “drama of life” that I think will feel relatable for many people. Easter eggs in this film are really many, both from old popular media (Atari, King Kong, etc.), new popular media (overwatch, etc.) and famous series, one of them is The Shining. So for those who know a lot about popular media, the easter egg in this film itself will be fun to look for ? maybe even more than the easter egg in the Deadpool movie.

because this is a spoiler free review article, it can’t tell you much. So in general, the story is quite cliche sometimes but yeah, not all films have to be realistic right? But the good side of the cliché was successfully balanced by the “life drama” I mentioned earlier, so the story still feels less “illogical”.

In terms of music, the taste is good, especially playing the theme song, it’s just right for each film scene

The shooting technique is certainly good and CGI, which is the main theme of the film, is also good. Then acting is good, even though nothing stands out.

Now then about the “life drama” before, it’s hard to tell without spoilers so I just want to say that the different types of people, friendship, ambition, etc. are presented very well and offset the fantasy side of the theme of the game itself. “Because in the end, the real world is real, right?” Thus one of the quotes that appear in this film.