Hollywood’s Movie Ratings System Gets Makeover

Movie RatingsLOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – The secretive movie ratings system – the bane of Hollywood filmmakers, who often complain that its judgments are inconsistent – is about to get an overhaul.

Each movie’s suitability for a particular age group relies on current Community Standards As such, Alberta Film Classification welcomes suggestions from film patrons relating to their thoughts, feelings and opinions about movie classification in Alberta. If you are interested in sharing your opinions about film classifications in Alberta or have questions about the film classification process, please contact us straight.

According to Rentrak movie analysis agency, more movies have been rated PG-thirteen than any other score each year since 2008 have been PG-13 films. The category has consistently grown each year as the PG and R category slowly shrink. In 1999, 35 p.c of high movies had been rated PG-13. Last yr, 47 p.c had been PG-13 and just one film was rated G.

The study of 1,906 feature movies between 1992 and 2003 found more violence and sex in PG films (”Parental steering recommended”) and more of these elements and profanity in PG-13 motion pictures (”Parents strongly cautioned”). It also found more sex and profanity in R-rated motion pictures (”Under 17 requires accompanying mum or dad or adult guardian”) than a decade ago.

Why the discrepancy? It is not any coincidence that the film business has self-segregated over the past decade, with the six major studios largely counting on large, violent franchise movies, and unbiased production companies focusing more on dialogue-heavy films. Even when studios release extra dialogue-pushed movies — typically during Oscar season — these motion pictures value far less to make, so they do not have to worry a lot about maximizing audiences.