Francis Ford Coppola Comments On Old Schoolmate Trump

Old MoviesA shot from Salo. This is among the many scenes through which teens are tortured for the amusement of the of the 4 fascists.

Thank you Sunshine for the remark, praise, kudos and the visit. Congrats to you in your win….2 years in a row that you’ve got won a Hubbie a very impressive accomplishment. Dude you need to cease educating me while you entertain me, I am undecided used to such issues happening. You have listed some classics like Longest Day and 12 ‘clock High. You have written a very fascinating hubber. Hey Holt….glad to see you discovered my hub ineresting and informative. Glad to see you point out 12 ‘Clock High….it is a basic movie that appears to get better with each viewing.

A couple of years ago I bought a dvd/vhs recorder player. I comply with all the instructions however I can’t report on the dvd. It keeps telling me something is mistaken with the disks despite the fact that I purchased the sort they mentioned and followed directions. It plays store purchased movies high-quality. It is by Go Video. Any suggestions? Thank you!

By the time I was sufficiently old to reside out on my own, I was half-shaped about what life was going to be like, and all of it, for better or for worse, was based on books like Pollyanna and Little Women and these great old movies, most of which I noticed on the Million Dollar Movie on television. Dear Susan, you are an oasis! I LOVE your work and your books! TCM is my fave channel. Many of my faves are on your list. Here are three I do not see there, Now, Voyager with Bette and Paul, oh my! Comedy. Stars Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn. A pc engineer is working secretly to computerize the office, but Bunny finds out.

I watched this movie 30+ years in the past and all I know is the newspaper was run within the basement of a building in a busy metropolis. You may see in the windows from the sidewalk that ran alongside the constructing. I know, you’re in all probability thinking, that’s it?” and unfortunately, that is all I keep in mind. For years I actually have tried to remember this film and I don’t know why however for some reason it has never left me. If I didn’t say, it’s in black and white. I simply thought I would give you a attempt, I’m sure there are some severe film critics on the market that might probably inform me the identify and thought I would start with you. Thank you!