Top Ten Cult Classic Movies

Classic FilmsBEIJING (Reuters) – No fewer than 4 Chinese movies concerning the Nanjing massacre are planned for this year, the 70th anniversary of Japan’s capture of China’s former capital, Xinhua information company reported.

There’s movies that I love which might be acquired tastes as properly, but that simply makes those films extra enjoyable for me. I’m one that actually enjoys pretty much each film I watch, I can’t deny that Battlefield is entertaining because of how cheesy and terribly humorous-bad it is. I cannot watch it although without at some point wishing Travolta would break out in song, I’ve always felt that some sort of villain theme song needed to be sung throughout that film.

About ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’, it is actually not far under the highest 100, and should nicely creep in in the end when I next see it, as a result of it does have some similarities in model and high quality to among the different Westerns within the list. It in all probability won’t ever high ‘For a Few Dollars More’ in my affection though; I just love the marginally comic interplay bewteen Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef in that film.

A few lesser identified footage are now showing in my prime one hundred listing – movies like ‘The Man who Never Was’, ‘Starman’, ‘Genevieve’ and ‘Red Corner’, and an early Hugh Grant function with the absurdly lengthy title of ‘The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill, But Came Down a Mountain’. (Hugh Grant in a romantic comedy would you consider?) I guess a selected pleasure can be to introduce a couple of visitors to this website to a few of these barely lesser known films.

In my introduction I suggest that one shouldn’t be prejudiced by the age of a film and in this newest batch of flicks, numbers 61 to 80, there’s the oldest work on my checklist. ‘Destry Rides Again’ starred James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich and was made in 1939. Was there a ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood? Perhaps yes, if one considers glitter and glamour, and the wealth and the facility of the film moguls as the important thing standards, however by way of quality, I suppose not.