Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

Film ReviewMade in 1965 by well-known director of Westerns, Andrew V McLagen, and featuring James Stewart, one of the best and hottest of film stars from the Golden Era of the Hollywood Western, ‘Shenandoah’ is a film to stir the feelings, and a film which ought to attraction even to those that haven’t any fondness for this particular movie genre.

John Book confides in his superior Chief Paul Shaeffer – a mistake, because it very soon turns into clear that Shaeffer himself can be implicated within the crime. Corruption is reaching excessive places and apart from Carter, there is no such thing as a one Book can trust in Philadelphia, and nowhere he can feel secure. Injured in a carpark shoot out with McFee, he decides the one place to maintain Rachel and Samuel protected is again in their own neighborhood among the many Amish.

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Soon afterwards we see Rachel and Samuel at the practice station and we watch Samuel as he wanders round attempting to understand all he is seeing, finding a man who he thinks from his dress is a pleasant Amish, but who turns out to be an orthodox Jew, after which heading to the bogs and a fateful meeting with the entire ambiance, sights and sounds of the practice station – busy with humans yet in some way chilly and unfriendly to these two folks from a distinct culture – are fantastically dealt with.

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