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Movie Cooming SoonBefore she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, skilled to be an unconquerable warrior.

I am Number Four made more than $a hundred forty five million within the field workplace, giving enough grounds for Touchstone Pictures to do the sequel. The story of I am Number Four is centered on a 15-year previous alien named John Smith and his troubles while he tries to flee the Mogadorians. The Mogadorians are another alien race that’s responsible for the destruction of Smith’s planet. The Mogadorians hunt the members of the Garde, the future leaders of Smith’s planet where he also belongs. After efficiently killing the first three members of the Garde, Smith decides go on the run.

If M. Night directs the sequel I don’t assume I’ll be going to see it. I am a huge Airbender fan and he just did not stay true to the story. The special effects have been horrible and I believe a director of a better caliber is needed to do that movie proper. Same as Twilight; every movie had a unique director and every movie improved as they went on.

Deep Blue Sea is about how a Doctor In her efforts to discover a treatment for Alzheimer’s illness, Dr. Susan McAlester implants human mind tissue into sharks. The experiment backfires, producing a horrifying species of killer sharks with the capability to suppose like people. Now stuck in the middle of the ocean on an aquatic base its turns into a battle to the demise between human and shark.

No! Just no! They can not make a second movie because they screwed up the storyline so dangerous within the first one it makes the second one mute. The first was as disappointing as Eragon the film was. Just stop ruining a great collection. If you wanna know what happens watch the Tv sequence and put together to be awed. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ACTUALLY LIKED THE MOVIE. you poor poor people.