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Old MoviesBorn as Ronald Naldo Ricketts in actual life, generally known as Ronnie Ricketts on May 26, 1965 is a Filipino actor, scriptwriter, movie director, producer, martial artist, and Chairman of Optical Media Board (OMB) within the Philippines. He is without doubt one of the prime action star in Philippine movies. He is known for his martial arts expertise.

The film: When I advised my wife about my latest hub concept, she instantly stated it has to begin with The Sound of Music(1965) At first I thought she was joking however then she jogged my memory that the film takes place throughout one in all Adolf Hitler’s first acts of aggression (Austria being annexed). By watching The Sound of Music you get to see life before World War II after which watch the von Trapps escape Nazism as they go away Austria for Switzerland. Quality of the film? Won 5 Oscars® together with Best Picture and is the third largest box workplace hit of all-time when taking a look at inflated box office grosses.

Anyway, the explanation I’m commenting about train travel after your film-related publish is that I didn’t see something in regards to the different Sullivan (Anne of Green Gables) Company DVDs. You can get these from the library and have a movie fest while on board. Anyone who loves AOGG will love the entire Tales of Avonlea collection, which includes many of the identical characters. the Emily of New Moon series, and Wind at My Back,” the completely unrelated however completely great series about the Great Depression. The only down aspect is that you really want these tales to go on endlessly.

Notes: I actually have seen some of these movies a number of instances. There are, as stated before, different variations of the identical events that I even have seen. For instance, I even have seen Lee Marvin’s version of The Thin Red Line, and The desert Fox covers the assassination attempt of Hitler as a major plot line. I would like to see you do a Western timeline marathon too.

This is one area through which I want to explore extra. Thanks for giving some options as effectively. Good Job. Movie #22 Letters From Iwo Jima….of the many movies on Iwo Jima….Letters From Iwo Jima is one of the best. Dear Susan, Could you please tell me who stars within the film Greenfingers. I have tried to find this movie, without any luck so far. Of the films I have not seen which are included, I am most desirous about seeing Anzio-a whole lot of my favourites are in it.