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Movie Cooming SoonA new Catching Fire trailer has been released! Check it out beneath along with more information about Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games out in theaters this November.

Movie trailers present some scenes associated to the upcoming movie, that can assist you to know what is going to be in that new movie, a preview. They give a touch of the story line of the film. These movie trailers do not show the whole story of the movie, but sufficient so customers have a better concept to whether its movie that would enchantment to them or not.

We cherished the animated Last airbender collection and actually had been excited to see the film model. We have been waiting and hoping to see the following film launched. Please launch it soon! I sat here tonight watching Book one once more, considering that should you didn’t movie it already, the actors would all be grown up and it would spoil it if you must use new actors to movie the next sequels. This would make a terrific Christmas release…kids needs good movies to go see!!

I really wish to see half 2, three, & 4. You cannot simply do ebook 1 & not do the remainder. I watched your entire nickolodean cartoon series with my nephew & loved them. I additionally loved the movie as properly. And to be sincere I love the Legend of Korra. So hurry up and come out with part 2. My solely recommendation can be to get one other director… possibly Michael Bay or someone on his degree. M. Night Shyamalan just didn’t work for me… even though he’s a fairly first rate director.

So, as a result of there is so much time spent on pre and put up manufacturing on movies, it will still take a few years for the movie to get produced, shot, and launched. Assuming one thing may happen this 12 months, it will most likely be 2015 at the earliest that this movie would see the sunshine of day. They actually need to get transferring on this!!